Fresh from the farms of Afghanistan to your homes.

Rich Valley Apricots are one of our most sought after products. With a great nutrient value and health benefits our Apricots are not processed with any polish but retain their original colour. They are known for their original taste.

Dried apricots are rich in vitamin A. In addition, it contains calcium which strengthens bones and preserves nerve function. Moreover, it has magnesium that helps anyone who feels anxious or stressed.

At Rich Valley, our prime focus is to satisfy the needs and nutritional requirements of our customers. We believe in serving the most fresh and unadulterated dry fruits. The quality of each Rich Valley processed dry fruit is withheld to the maximum. We do not believe in chemically processing or polishing the dry fruits as we wish for them to have the original taste as they reach our customers’ home.

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To serve the best of the quality and become a trusted name.

Core Values

We wish to be known as a brand that keeps the needs customers as a benchmark.


To enrich the lives of all with nutritious nourishment.